Tech partner search, the key phase

Now begins the key phase of this adventure.

We are very clear about the business challenges we want to solve, although not so much the technologies needed. That is why we need experts to accompany us.

And what are these challenges? So, let's identify these 4:

  1. Need to quantify and qualify audiences and shop buyers.
  2. Collect in-store and purchase data.
  3. Get customer feedback.
  4. And to establish a relevant and effective commercial and social communication channel, that is to say personalized.

Based on these challenges we can anticipate some necessary technologies, although, in order not to limit the proposals, we decided to let ourselves be surprised by the experts. So we call on the whole technology ecosystem. For 3 weeks, we receive different proposals from specialized technology companies.

Once the proposal submission phase is closed, an international and multidisciplinary jury from the technological and commercial ecosystem evaluates the candidate solutions. This jury is made up of:

  • Anna Majó Crespo

Business Innovation Director at Barcelona Activa, the Municipal Agency for Local Development and Economic Promotion of Barcelona City Council, Anna Majó is leading the promotion of Business Innovation with collaborative, digital, social and environmental values, which brings the economy of the city closer to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. Innovating with the city's ecosystem and encouraging public-private collaboration and between private agents.

With expertise in Innovation in Cities, Smart Cities, Economic promotion, Public-Private Partnership, Anna is an Engineer with a background in strategic and change management consultancy at Accenture, with experience in entrepreneurship in UPC. She joined the Barcelona City Council with the 22@Barcelona project, the biggest urban and economic transformation project in Europe to lead the creation of an innovation district in Barcelona city center. As the Municipal Digital Innovation Director in 2016-2019, she also designed and implemented the Barcelona Digital Innovation Strategy and policies across municipal areas and agencies ().

She has collaborated with institutions like the World Bank or the European Commission.

  • Josep Paradells Aspas

Josep Paradells Aspas is currently the Director of the Fundació i2CAT and a

Professor with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). He is also the Co-

Director of the master’s program in the IoT offered by Fundació UPC. He has been working in the area of Internet of Things, in particular with wireless interfaces and protocols. He has participated in national and European public-funded research projects and collaborated with several Spanish telecommunications companies. In 2012, he was recognized as the Best Academic Trajectory.

  • Jordi García Brustenga

Director of Operations and Strategy, Jordi is Degree in Economics and Business from Pompeu Fabra University and Executive Master in Public Management from ESADE.

Jordi García has spent his career directing and advising both public and private innovation projects, in various companies and institutions such as the University of Barcelona, ​​PRYSMA, CIREM Foundation and Barcelona City Council, among others.

Among its main functions are: Responsible for the areas of admission, analysis and approval of loan and investment operations of ENISA, as well as the definition of new lines of action of the company.

  • Richard Soley

As Chairman and CEO of OMG, Dr. Soley is responsible for the vision and direction of the world's largest consortium of its kind. Dr. Soley joined OMG as a Technical Director in 1989 and led the development of many OMG standards including CORBA®, UML®, and MDA®. In addition to his leadership of OMG and its Industrial Internet Consortium and Consortium for IT Software Quality programs, he also serves on numerous industrial, technical and academic conference program committees, and speaks all over the world on issues relevant to emerging technologies, IT standards, and creating successful companies. Dr. Soley also serves as an advisor to many governments and is an agenda contributor in the World Economic Forum. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Soley holds SB, SM, and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT.

  • Alba Batiste Llobet

For the past two years, Alba Batiste has been the Project Director of the Retail & Brand Experience World Congress at Fira de Barcelona, ​​a conference focused on the impact of technological disruption on the retail sector and the brand experience. She has a long experience in the communication and events sector, always around the technology sector and innovation.

  • David Gratacós Ruano

David is Senior Technician in Economics in the Directorate of Trade, Catering and Consumer Services of Barcelona.

The Management intends to continue promoting the digital transformation of Barcelona's shops, actively collaborating in projects such as the Hackato or the Trade Laboratory at the municipal level and others such as the working group with the network of cities. of Délice Network or the Core project in the field of international digital benchmarking.

After several days of evaluation and deliberation, the jury selects Beabloo as the company that makes a proposal that best suits the requirements.

Beabloo is a Catalan technology company that was incubated in Barcelona Activa, and develops solutions to customize the customer experience in retail and improve the impact of marketing campaigns.

The winning technology solution is a comprehensive solution based on digital billboard, data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence solutions for custom campaigns, which aime to extract the maximum performance from technology to reactivate trade and revitalize neighborhoods, always being careful with data protection law.

In this sense, Beabloo offers a very wide technological solution to solve the different business challenges posed in BcnRetailLab. In addition, its proposal offers other levels of benefit not initially planned, which makes it a very interesting value proposition.

In fact, the 2 decisive factors that make the jury lean towards this proposal are that:

  • Beabloo presents technological solutions that go beyond the requirements. For example, the "leaft & learn" smart shelf, the queue management system, the interaction of screens via voice, video worlds or the artificial intelligence tool in the store, called “Minerva”.
  • Beabloo also makes a personalized proposal for each of the four shops that are part of the trade laboratory, thanks to its expertise as a pioneer in developing tech and artificial intelligence solutions.

Now yes… we are all on the team. We begin our adventure towards a city with a more competitive and sustainable commercial fabric and more lively neighborhoods. Together for local trade!