Barcelona retail lab

Participate in the Next Generation Retail Lab

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Next Generation Retail Lab, a project promoted by Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa and the Retail Department, and the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (Ctecno), together with the CorEixample Retail Association, designed and coordinated by Readyfor.

The Lab is a transformative innovation project that aims to validate the impact of the use of digital technology in retail, specifically in its ability to create value through data and direct communication with customers through displays.

This pilot will be executed by a single technology company selected by a jury of experts based on the proposals received under this call.

Two Preliminary Considerations

1. The chosen company must show experience and the ability to rapidly deploy and support participating businesses according to the project schedule.

2. Participation in the Lab will be at the selected company's expense, which will not receive any direct financial compensation for its participation in the project.

Basic Calendar

3rd March: Call Opens
21st March  (23:59h CET): Call Closes
31st March: Selected company gets notified
1st - 11th April: Set up and installation in stores
12th April: Lab Starts
4th July: Lab Ends
5th - 15th July: Equipment removal and final evaluation


This call is for companies who, based on their experience in deploying retail solutions, want to submit a proposal for Lab participation under the following conditions:

Direct benefits
Expected benefits
Participation requirements


A. Objectives

The selected proposal will be the one that is most potentially effective in achieving the following objectives:


One of the important challenges of retail is transforming the innumerable activities that take place in a store (which are traditionally collected informally and anecdotally) into analyzable data.

The proposal must provide for collection of at least the following data sets:
The proposal must explain how this information will be collected in a systematic, relevant and continuous manner.

The proposal must include:


If communication and attention are the basis of value creation in the digital society, next generation retail unfolds as a new space for communication, as a new media channel.

The proposal must allow effective communication of the store with its users, customers and visitors with content such as the following:
The proposal must include:
The proposal will include a description of how content will be personalized/relevant to users based on:
Also under consideration:

In order to be able to act on the data, businesses must be able to access relevant reporting of the information obtained as well as the system's own recommendations.

The proposal must include a platform for accessing and processing data, including reports and results.

Some of the relevant data may include:

The proposal will include the mechanisms and technologies for learning and generating recommendations aimed at improving the store’s business metrics
The proposal must also include training support in the interpretation of the data and definition of actions for stores.

B. Service Conditions

The proposal must include a description of the services to be carried out, including the following:

C. Company characteristics

The Lab aims to select a technological partner who has the experience and ability to execute the pilot effectively and contributes significantly with its expertise in its deployment and success.

The proposal will include a description of the following: